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Genre: Ambient Electronic

With his debut full-length album, XPURM masterfully takes the reigns of the IDMf collection into a more ambient realm. Each track supplies its own flavor of beautiful melodies and pads to lay out the cryptic story XPURM has prepared.


01 MDNJA (7:45)
02 ICOIC (3:09)
03 BDMUE (4:30)
04 STVCT (6:40)
05 VRCHK (5:08)
06 HLYKT (2:56)
07 QPSOR (3:28)
08 YULFN (3:26)
09 EADAW (4:40)
10 LNIZO (2:16)
11 GNDOS (6:04)
12 KZNUM (2:51)


All music written and produced by XPURM
All tracks mastered by Fidelium,
except “GNDOS” which was engineered by Benwaa
Original photographs and artworks by YT

A Creative Commons Release.

Creative Commons License

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