IFI002-SP: Rewir3d/:10: SPLIT – Aphotic

Sean Forsythe – :10:
Dustin Kessler – Rewir3d

01 Infinite (3:41)
02 Empty (3:50)
03 Unstable (3:52)
04 Ruptured (3:59)
05 Damaging the Cycle (4:27)
06 13 (5:05)
07 Resolute (3:52)
08 Pathogen (4:18
09 Sick (4:07)
10 In Hallow (5:24)

This two artist release stays true to its name. The first half of tracks done by artist Rewir3d set up the bleak and distorted stage for what the rest of the album will be. Rewir3d weaves crunchy trip hop beats into soaring leads seamlessly then adds some glitch to keep the progression fresh. His down tempo style never slows in pace as he fills the stereo spectrum with haunting background ‘scapes and sounds blending genres as much as he blends sound design, which is only matched by his attention to detail.

:10: picks up the second half without skipping a step, as you bathe in the distortion, glitchy breaks pound the head and bounce over the strings and one barely has time catch their breath between tracks. Industrial dance floors will not stop moving until the speakers are blown or the ears bleed from :10:’s stark, unforgiving sound. What you are left with is the soundtrack to your own nightmare, but a nightmare you’ll want to push through.

Both artists do a great job gluing their harsh sounds to beautiful atmospheric pads. Aphotic means growing in the absence of light and while the light barely shows up in this release they do hint at its existence and beckon the question, what is there in the absence of light? The answer is buried deep within the background drones and melodies. Turn out the lights, turn up the speakers, I give you Aphotic.

Lyrics & Vocals on In Hallow by Avonlea Montague.
IDMf managed by Wayne “Fidelium” Baker

A Creative Commons release.


Creative Commons License

IFI001: Divergence

IDMf:Industrial presents Divergence

di·ver·gence n. – 1. Departure from a norm, deviation.
2. Mathematics: Failure to approach a limit.

It begins like waking from a dream into a nightmare, and carries the listener through a fractured path designed and constructed through the creativity of artists with the desire to surpass themselves. Created by members of the electronic music production community – IDMforums, in honor of the Industrial, EBM & Power Electronics section, not just as another industrial compilation, but as a tribute to a style of music that has inspired us to explore and reimagine sound through our own vision. Contained within the tracks in this compilation are echoes from not only the past and present of industrial music, but perhaps the future as well.

Divergence features 14 tracks from a diverse selection of artists from the IDMforums community, including new and exclusive tracks from Keef Baker, Endif, Tapage, Unterm Rad, and more. Both downloadable packages contain excellent full album artwork by Sean Forsythe, and short bios of all included artists in a single PDF document for your convenience.

Support the art you adore.

Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under

Produced by Candle Nine and Cursed Chimera
Mastered by Aaron Hall – http://www.lucidwaves.com/
Artwork and Design by Sean Forsythe – http://www.sforsythe.net/

01: Scratch Rabbitt – Ironjawed
02: Keef Baker – Chonk
03: :10: – Severed
04: Cold Divide – Distance
05: Aperture Burn – Storm Passage
06: Tapage – Interwolf
07: ReWIR3D – Disdain
08: eOnic – Pushed Outta My Box
09: Endif – Understanding
10: Circle Six – Pulling It Out (Craniotomy Mix)
11: Candle Nine – Imperfect
12: Unterm Rad – All For Naught
13: Geramie C. – Origins
14: Mundain Monstre – Blinding Noise With Fear