IDMf030: Anodyne Industries – Make Your Body A Darker Weapon

Anodyne Industries returns to the IDMf Netlabel to release a very special remix ep, “Make Your Body A Darker Weapon”.

Hailing from Oakland California, Anodyne Industries (Aaron King) has carved out a signature sound of deep thinking technical breaks and bass. The EP features his Drum & Bass remixes of “Make It Darker” and “Body Weapon”, the winning submissions from his recent remix contest by IG88 and Lysdexic, and his new unreleased dubstep single, “After The Storm”.

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IDMf029: Barely Legal Compilation

IDMf’s Barely Legal Compilation displays the talent of some of the forum’s youngest members. Each track on this album was made before any of the contributors turned 18, and a few of them are still some years off. From dubstep to downtempo to breaks to breakcore, this compilation features a variety of electronic music tastes.

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IDMf027-S: NCThompson – Keep in Touch

Following in the tradition of Length in Brecht /remixed/, Circle When Remixed, and the God Tank release, IDMf introduces NCThompson into the single/remixes library. Included in this release is the original track, along with remixes by three prominent artists from the netlabel: IG88, Jazzyspoon, and Aaron Goodwyn. Each reinterpret the track and incorporate their own distinctive styles, helping toward making a diverse and well-rounded release.


01 Keep in Touch (Original) (3:42)
02 Keep in Touch (IG88 Remix) (4:20)
03 Keep in Touch (Aaron’s Too Far Away Rework) (4:04)
04 Keep in Touch (Jazzyspoon’s broken remix) (4:38)


Original material by NCThompson
Remixes by IG88, Aaron Goodwyn, Jazzyspoon
Cover art: Joe Thompson
Mastered by: Jazzyspoon

A Creative Commons release.

Cat#: IDMf027-S

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.