IDMf039 VA – Sounds for Skeletons


IDMf #039. It’s been a while in the making. After various delays and hilarious in-house heartbreaks the IDMfNetlabel is proud to present Sounds For Skeletons.

The first thing to note is that Sounds For Skeletons has a promo video compiling various pieces of footage sent in by IDMf members. Over 18 minutes in length, the video moves through the footage in a style sometimes reminiscent of 60’s psychedelia with its violent colours, sometimes chaotic with its sudden edits and fast pace, sometimes ambient with the way it slows down and relaxes you into its dreamy visuals and gentle music.

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IDMf038 – Change the Noise

Dark experiments in sampling, audio manipulation and black magic – Change the Noise is a compilation of six tracks made solely from two sample packs. The first sample pack is a collection of various resonances recorded from the Menai Suspension Bridge in Wales. The second sample pack, Organic Adventures, is various foley recorded in a forest by IDMf’ers Mischjok and FunkMasterBrown.

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IDMf037: .μ-metik – Paths

Imagine if someone took you to a perfectly relaxed environment where they could soothe your tensions and ease you into a relaxed and peaceful, meditative state. Just as you fall into a blissful slumber you suddenly wake up again, only you haven’t really woken up, you’re still unconscious, just lucid, unexpectedly thrown into a dream where the world around you is a giant computer and its various components make wonderful sounds that match the
glitchy beats and the futuristic synths.

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IDMf036: No Foors – Oil and Blood

Oil and Blood opens with a mean soundscape of noise and abrasive textures, landing in a wonderfully obscure realm between the quietly hypnotic and the jerkingly rhythmic. This release soon punches through an array of pieces that really get you moving, its delight and intrigue resting in how it makes you feel the need to dance to its beat whilst it simultaneously takes your mind away to the surreal, futuristic places of all your favourite science fiction. Boldly throwing out snares made of static and fuzzy basslines that hit your ears like you took a stethoscope to the dancefloor, this is heart pounding, foot tapping techno not to be missed.

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IDMf035 VA – This is good tea

Another exciting compilation from those wonderful aural pioneers of IDMf, This is Good Tea rolls through a compelling array of carefully sculpted, perfectly crafted masterpieces. Often tied together by glitched beats, unique rhythms, haunting echoes and beautiful melodies, the netlabel again proves it can offer a release that boasts both variation and coherency, no song out of place despite the diversity of the palette.

One thing that seems to run across all the songs on this compilation is the dreamlike nature of them. In terms of composition, sound design and on a whole a brilliant example of quality musicianship this whole album evokes all sorts of emotion and at times conjures up the most interesting of imagery in the listener’s mind.

Prepare yourself for a treat. This really is exceptionally good tea.

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