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IDMf041 Silent Strangers – Anagram3: Adrift

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Silent Strangers – Anagram3: Adrift

Release Date: 1 September 2013 via
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The IDMf Netlabel is a gathering of like minded artists & people fueled with a passion for Electronic Music, Sound Design & Glitch.

We are in handshake with – the premiere Electronic Music Production forum specializing in dance and experimental music. The Netlabel operates parallel to IDMforums to bring you the brightest talent from the underground scene.

Our Netlabel is orchestrated and organized by the community,  Our Label works solely for the benefit of our artists and forum members: we survive purely on the donations and goodwill of our members and supporters.

Of course, all albums are FREE to download and SHARE.

Just click on the player on the releases page

We work specifically with the Creative Commons copyright method to offer the most flexibility in distribution, and to protect the integrity and music of our artists.

If you’d like more information on how we work and what we look for in new artists, please feel free to email us at

Thanks for your interest!
The IDMf Netlabel Crew


IDMf040 Kris Cadwell – Just Grow

Anyone with a good eye for cartoons would surely have to second guess themselves if they tried to overlook an album featuring a tribute to Adventure Time.

IDMf039 VA – Sounds for Skeletons


IDMf #039. It’s been a while in the making. After various delays and hilarious in-house heartbreaks the IDMfNetlabel is proud to present Sounds For Skeletons.

The first thing to note is that Sounds For Skeletons has a promo video compiling various pieces of footage sent in by IDMf members. Over 18 minutes in length, the video moves through the footage in a style sometimes reminiscent of 60’s psychedelia with its violent colours, sometimes chaotic with its sudden edits and fast pace, sometimes ambient with the way it slows down and relaxes you into its dreamy visuals and gentle music.

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IDMf038 – Change the Noise

Dark experiments in sampling, audio manipulation and black magic – Change the Noise is a compilation of six tracks made solely from two sample packs. The first sample pack is a collection of various resonances recorded from the Menai Suspension Bridge in Wales. The second sample pack, Organic Adventures, is various foley recorded in a forest by IDMf’ers Mischjok and FunkMasterBrown.

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