IDMf040 Kris Cadwell – Just Grow

Anyone with a good eye for cartoons would surely have to second guess themselves if they tried to overlook an album featuring a tribute to Adventure Time.
Kris Cadwell’s Just Grow opens with Zos, an array of synth goodness and wonderfully squelchy
sound design that somewhat masks the mysterious melody and mature composition that lurks behind it.
A Tribute to Adventure Time follows, miniature assaults of a kick drum, quiet and gentle but rapid nonetheless,
sitting behind mad cymbals and electronic snare rolls with a composition that nods toward the golden era of video game soundtracks.Even the song titles are notably interesting.
New Game seems to reflect the glitchy lo-fi influences of the album, whilst “A Russian Novel” seems to
evoke pure intrigue and mystery, and you have to love the name “‘Kitten Battle in Space”.Just Grow is a delightful collage of crafted contrasts and originality. Doubled up snares spit and stutter,
cymbals snapped and broken over quiet piano like synthesizers. Perfectly designed glitches satisfy the ears as they work hypnotic backgrounds.
The composition is deep and thoughtful. It’s refreshing to hear an artist who can write
music to be both melancholy and playful at the same time, with a myriad of crafted sounds and new ideas to boot.

01. Zos
02. Tribute to Adventure time
03. Just Grow
04. Kitten Battle in Space
05. A Russian Novel
06. School of Epileptic Gnosis
07. New Game+
08. NMDA
09. Will and Representation
10. Essence of Ashes
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released 01 August 2013
Netlabel organized by the community
Artwork: Kris Cadwell – Layout: Scyn
Video Editing: Noodles
Mastering: Ben “Benwaa” Walthew –