IDMf037: .μ-metik – Paths

Imagine if someone took you to a perfectly relaxed environment where they could soothe your tensions and ease you into a relaxed and peaceful, meditative state. Just as you fall into a blissful slumber you suddenly wake up again, only you haven’t really woken up, you’re still unconscious, just lucid, unexpectedly thrown into a dream where the world around you is a giant computer and its various components make wonderful sounds that match the
glitchy beats and the futuristic synths.

So imagine now that you are in these two different places. You walk through computer glitch city where everything is dark science fiction but you look to the sky and all you can see is the room where you sleep. In that room, the unconscious you can hear the birds singing outside. The unconscious you can hear rainfall, someone playing the piano, someone playing a guitar.

This is what μ-metik’s Paths feels like, being lost in a computer dream as the sleeping you feeds a subconscious stream of natural sounds down from the sky. Paths can’t easily be categorised to a single genre. The contrast of the acoustic instruments to the electronic glitches and synths creates a unique imagery. The recordings and gentle ambience next to the dark broody pulse of the music and a sound design all its own, μ-metik has hit on something that demands your attention.


      1) Path/01: Small Paths Towards Solitude
      2) Path/02: Long Paths Towards Autonomy
      3) Path/03: Unmeasurable Paths Towards Essence
      4) Revealing
      5) Fragment/01
      6) Fragment/02
      7) Juliette’s Whispers
      8) There Is Just Us

μ-metik would like to thank and all the people there involved, for being such an invaluable source of samples, and sound design inspiration.
A big thank you also goes to the people that supported me during the whole process: without their support, both musical and emotional, this project could have never been accomplished. Thanks.


Project organizing by the community
Art by μ-metik
Video by μ-metik
Mastering by Ben “Benwaa” Walthew

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.