IDMf032 Concierge_Weetr – The glass is breaking

Hailing from Berlin Concierge_Weetr is a captain of a strange and haunted ship that sails in an ocean inside his own head. Always surrounded by computers and instruments, he developed his sound art as a personal statement to the broken world we live in.
His music is carefully arranged with nervous hand crafted beats which tenuously hold the rhythm together while chilling, eerie and brooding synths pulse and flow around them. What first sounds like a random smattering of noises soon coalesces into infectious beats with bass to fill the dancefloor.

The Glass Is Breaking LP
1. Second Chamber
2. Fighter
3. Landing
4. UkoSolution
5. Puke Out The Goods
6. Option
7. Bitte
8. Regress
9. Murmuration

CAT: IDMf032 / Release: Feb 2012

File Under: Future Garage / IDM / Techno / Broken Beat / Bass



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