IDMf028-S Vlantis – Cute Overlord

IDMf proudly introduces Vlantis, a prolific punk artist hailing from Japan, and a posse of expert IDMf remixers who have reinterpreted his lofi, happy-go-lucky single “Cute Overlord” into an eclectic mix of clicks + beeps, pads, wobbles, glitches, and thumps. It’s what IDMf does best!
This single features fantastic remixes by Jazzyspoon, Aaron Goodwyn, Electromass, Ben Steed, and Benwaa.
01 Cute Overlord (Original) (2:30)
02 Cute Overlord (Jazzyspoon Remix) (3:52)
03 Cute Overlord (Aaron Goodwyn Remix) (5:40)
04 Cute Overlord (Electromass Remix) (5:40)
05 Cute Overlord (Benwaas benead the surface hidden in a cave somewhere, there’s a remix, remix) (9:01)
06 Cute Overlord (Ben Steed remix) (3:34)

Original “Cute Overlord” track by Joseph Jacobs with Mio
Based on the original song by Joseph Jacobs, Chris Ward, and Bryan Morrell
Sanshin on Benwaa’s remix played by Joseph Jacobs
Remixes by Jazzyspoon, Ben Steed, Electromass, Aaron Goodwyn, and Benwaa
Mastered by Ben Walthew
Album cover by Vicetto
A Creative Commons project.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.