IDMf025 Beyond the Listening Booth Vol. 1

Going nearly three years strong and with over twenty-five releases under our belts, we decided that IDMf025 needed to be something special.

Destined to overtake your summer listening is one of the IDMf Netlabel’s best releases yet, Beyond the Listening Booth Vol. 1. This project is a compilation of sixteen artists from put together by the netlabel and released for free. Many different genres are represented yet the album as a whole is a cohesive blend of creativity and talent, just as the compilations that came before it. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

01. Atra Aeterna – The End Of Alchemy
02. Dr. Device – Breaking News
03. Essenthy & Automageddon – Compromise
04. Toronto Is Broken – Digitalism
05. The Get – Fingers
06. Ætheros – Awake But Still Dreaming
07. Jazzyspoon & Zoozither – I’m Cold
08. Yibbon – Investments
09. Earl Da Grey – Get Integrated
10. IG88 – A Loom And Not Me (feat. Lordswerk and Bed of Stars)
11. Dataf1ow – Who Knows
12. city at worlds end – Stratosphere Skyclimber
13. Document 3 – Writhing Serpents (Anodyne Industries Remix)
14. Chinese Goblin Factory – Reality Dysfunction
15. Isum – Acomodata
16. Tode – How I Faced the Storm


All tracks written and produced by IDMf artists
Compilation mastered by Fidelium
Album art by Yibbon
Cat#: IDMf025

Thank you to all involved in the process of helping this music get released.

A Creative Commons project.


Creative Commons License