IDMf019 When Power Stars Collide – Attraction to Light

Genre: Melodic IDM

Swift chromatic melodies and bright harmonics are a defining feature to Attraction to Light, When Power Stars Collide’s debut album on IDMf. Layered across glitchy rhythms, it echoes the melodic IDM spirit of Benn Jordan and the like, rounding out an album full of as much color as the cover suggests.

When Power Stars Collide is one of the youngest new artists on the IDMf Netlabel.


01 As You Grow Taller (1:45)
02 The Rabbit And The Rose Basket (4:00)
03 MOOOOO))) (1:47)
04 Puddle Step Rain Dance (3:29)
05 What I Hoard (3:13)
06 Reply To Robert Cook (0:51)
07 Ascension Island (Breakneck Valley) (3:21)
08 Small Wings Unfolding (4:48)
09 Sombre (3:12)
10 Augment (4:57)
11 The Gift You Left Us (3:58)
12 I Love You, Buddy (0:48)

All music by When Power Stars Collide
Cover art by Fiona Boylen
Mastered by Ben Walthew
A Creative Commons release.

Creative Commons License