IDMf018-S Fidelium – God Tank

Featured on the recent IDMf Netlabel compilation IDMf010: Between the Silence and Story, the track “God Tank” by Fidelium is a gritty, electronic-orchestral conquest displaying a film-epic melodic scheme layered over a hard-hitting beat. Immediately following the original version are four remixes by some of my [Fidelium] most-respected and favorite artists on IDMf (a tiny handful out of a very large amount.) Each interpretation is a whole new variation of the spirit and theme behind “God Tank”, telling a completely fresh story from the same sets of sounds, to the point that I consider this to be God Tank: Movements I-V. It is a fantastic balance of color, and I am extremely pleased with the creativity behind each remix.

The orchestra tunes and the double basses begin the steady rhythm of “God Tank” and at the opening of the original mix we are given the theme: a pizzicato arpeggio circulated by chromatic tones and longing, distant bells. From tuneboxii, who is known for his nasty, experimental dubstep tracks, the listener is taken down a different path. With syncopated tempos and tasteful distortion, tuneboxii twists “God Tank” into a gyspy-electronic anthem. After tuneboxii’s mangling of an already-mangled piece comes Toronto Is Broken’s dance flavor with a pumping sub bass and future garage rhythms. After this club-worthy explosion by Toronto Is Broken, IG88 brings us back down into his beautiful ambient mist, with a guitar-laden ballade that transitions into a foot-tapping hiphop track without warning. Finally, the epic recapitulation is handled by the perfect man for such a job: The Verb. “God Tank” is thus taken to a new height with this stellar composition and skillful craft.

It is with these four remixes that I feel that “God Tank” is complete. I am very lucky and proud to have my work enhanced by these talented producers, and I am overly obliged and happy to release this collection through IDMf for you, the listener.


I. God Tank [Fidelium Original Mix]
II. God Tank [tuneboxii Remix]
III. God Tank [Toronto Is Broken Remix]
IV. God Tank [IG88 Remix]
V. God Tank [The Verb Remix]


Original music by Fidelium
All tracks mastered by Fidelium
Cover painting by Fidelium

A Creative Commons release.

Creative Commons License