IDMf017 Ben Steed and the Orchestra of Symmetry – Anywhere But Here

Genre: Rock/Electronic

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, step right up! The Ringmaster is calling you into the tent, because the Orchestra of Symmetry is tuning up and about to begin. Mr. Steed brings us into his Orwellian dystopia, telling a tale of tribulation and freedom with tasteful melodies, adventurous lyrics, and an interesting over-all theme in this socially-relevant music cycle.

Ben Steed’s debut “Anywhere But Here” on IDMf is nothing less than a powerful addition to the library, and it is an album worth playing again and again.


1. Anywhere But Here Part I (3:23)
2. Mariana (3:36)
3. A Sight To Be Seen (1:54)
4. Your Lullaby (4:45)
5. Folie a Deux (2:04)
6. The Town Of Many Faces (2:32)
7. A Madness Shared By Two (1:49)
8. Blood Poems I (4:10)
9. Centre of the Earth (5:36)
10. Sending You Some Hope (4:25)
11. Anywhere But Here Part 2 (2:11)
12. Chasing Ghosts (4:55)
13. Something in the Air (3:28)
14. Redemption (2:06)


All tracks written, recorded, and composed by Ben Steed
Album art by Cog (
Mastered by Wayne “Fidelium” Baker

All tracks copyright of Ben Steed and PegasiaMusic.

A Creative Commons release.

Creative Commons License