IDMf016 Vetrix – Drop of Blue

Genre: IDM/Experimental

The sixteenth installment in the ever-expanding IDMf library is Vetrix’s Drop of Blue, a melodic ocean of IDM-style clicks and beeps, lush arps and unique, syncopated rhythms. Any listener who appreciates intricate musical details and post-90s IDM will get a kick or five out of this release.

01 take five Nuno (3:37)
02 Ab Vetrix (3:54)
03 Falling Edges (4:39)
04 Popol Vuh (4:14)
05 Hiat Of A Memory (4:39)
06 Hello Again (4:12)
07 Ergo (4:34)
08 molin ether 20 mg solution (4:13)

All sounds by Vetrix
Mastering by Ben “Benwaa” Walthew

A Creative Commons release.

Creative Commons License