IDMf015 Jazzyspoon – Circle When Remixed

A well-established musician and frequent member of IDMf, as well as a releasing artist on the netlabel, Jazzyspoon decided to have a follow-up to his amazing 2010 self-release Circle When Finished.

The original work can be found here: This free release features reinterpretations of Jazzyspoon’s tranquil and melodically-lush tracks by nine different IDMf artists. This album features everything from post-rock to ambient to trip-hop, all blended together in a classy Jazzyspoon-y fashion. Don’t miss this release!


01 Supernova Lifestyle (Electro Mass remix) (5:05)
02 Colder Winter (The Verb remix) (4:43)
03 Absence (Daz Disley remix -featuring Sara Leith) (5:39)
04 Colder Winter (Aaron Goodwn remix) (5:12)
05 The Emptiest Spaces (Vlantis remix) (5:38)
06 Japantazm (Mired remix) (2:30)
07 Colder Winter (IG88 Triceracorn remix) (3:37)
08 Absence (Ben Steed remix) (3:45)
09 Supernova Lifestyle (Color remix) (4:34)


All tracks originally written by Jazzyspoon
Cover art design by Daz Disley
IDMf Netlabel managed by Wayne “Fidelium” Baker

A Creative Commons Release.

Creative Commons License