IDMf014 Toronto Is Broken – Kusanagi

Heavy, hard-hitting, floor stomping dubstep/drum & bass is not a typical avenue for the IDMf Netlabel, but Toronto Is Broken’s “Kusanagi” will perk up the ears of any bass-phile. Anyone searching for energetic tracks filled with lush pads, ethereal vocals, and catchy melodies is sure to enjoy this collection.

Included is a remix of Anodyne Industries’ “Body Weapon”, originally on IDMf010: Between The Silence And Story.



01: Sennacherib (5:19)
02: Kusanagi (6:23)
03: Into My Eyes (6:08)
04: Anodyne Industries – Body Weapon [Toronto Is Broken Remix] (5:16)
05: Get Up (4:25)
06: Like You (5:19)
07: Take Down (5:36)
08: Turn The Lights Off (4:56)
09: Into My Eyes (VIP) (7:52)


All tracks written, produced, & mixed by Christian Hoffmann (Toronto Is Broken)
“Body Weapon” originally written by Aaron King (Anodyne Industries)
Remix production by Christian Hoffman
All tracks mastered by Wayne Baker (Fidelium)
Digital photography:
Further editing by John Lee

A Creative Commons release.

Creative Commons License