IDMf013: Silent Strangers – Angram1:Dither

The IDMf Netlabel is proud to present IDMf artist Silent Stranger‘s debut album, which offers crunchy, intricate rhythms and alter-dimensional atmospheres. The first edition of a four part series to be featured on IDMf, Anagram1:Dither is a massive creative endeavor by Silent Strangers’ Christopher Lombardo certain to be enjoyed by those searching for technical synth automation and sample mutilation.


1. Focal Shift (4:23)
2. 5iclicle (4:22)
3. Notion4 (4:12)
4. Stae Cis (6:23)
5. Meanderer (4:43)
6. Ever Evolving Spaces (8:38)

Written, performed, composed, designed, and produced by Christopher Lombardo
Mastered by Wayne Baker
Released on IDMf Netlabel

A Creative Commons release.

Creative Commons License