IDMf011 Happy Noise Device

Happy Noise Device is an adventure into the darker side of IDMf. This is a compilation of noise and other peculiar sounds, perfect for moments such as rocking your children to sleep or watering your lawn at night. Be prepared for rabid, robotic, mutilated waveforms. Avant-garde or just outright weird? Take the journey and find out.


1. Burn – Everest (2:07
2. Persiflage – Some Days (5:09)
3. Anutesyn – Piano Exorcism (2:44)
4. Padlock – Bospylac (5:38)
5. Deserts – Engine Fails at Desert Sunset (3:15)
6. DJ Oxygen – Statik (4:49)
7. Me At 12 – Fascist Tone (1:56)
8. Mile High Scientist – Oh Nose Bleed (1:31)

IDMf011: Happy Noise Device

Project Development and cover art design by: Tommy Delvärn
Produced, arranged and mastered by Wayne Baker
Special thanks to Vak, Pad, Sveldt, Benwaa, Tode, GBSR, & the IDMf IRC crew.

A Creative Commons release.

Creative Commons License