IDMf009 Techno/Minimal/Deep House Compilation

The ninth installment in the IDMf library is a journey through the techno inspired sounds of the IDMforums community, taking you from deep pulsating rhythms into twisted glitched out grooves and into deeper house influenced territory.

Showcasing electronic dance music produced by only a fraction of the talented artists that contribute to IDM Forums, IDMF009 highlights the open minds and open genres of IDMf’s vastly talented producers and artists.

We ask you to open your mind to the journey you are bound for with this album, featuring tracks from new and exclusive artists, this is certainly a release to be proud of having in your collection.

Also included is a non-stop DJ mix of the tracks featured on the album, so pick this up, drop those tracks and dance yourself alive.


01 Abreaktor – anne4
02 b-me – Zombies
03 Sourone – Eeney Meeney Miney Mo
04 Kriss Sach – Mug
05 Phobik – Pressure Switch
06 Washwash – Pipeline (Coral Reef Injury Mix)
07 Evan Colbert – Amnesiac
08 Benwaa – Dance of the Faery LIwink (morning)
09 Biomimetic – True Orbit
10 IDMf009 – VA Continuous DJ mix – Mixed by Ben Walthew


Mastering: Ben Walthew (Benwaa)
Executive Producer: Ben Walthew (Benwaa)
Album art/Editing/Layout: Koneyn

Creative Commons License