IDMf008 Anodyne Industries – The Gateway EP

In many archetypal mythologies, a Gateway is a powerful symbol representing the initiation of the protagonist’s legendary saga, a threshold the hero needs only to step through to enter into the wilderness of the unknown.

The Gateway EP is a sensational aural depiction of the process of a hero’s trial and growth, a progressive tale of madness grounded by heavy drums & evolving basslines, surrounded by nebulous atmospheres.

This ground breaking adventure, authored by Anodyne Industries and proudly presented by the IDMf Community, is the latest installment in the growing library of solo releases the collective has to offer.


01: The Gateway (5:41)
02: I Would Die For You (Remix) (6:12)
03: Consigned to Oblivion (5:02)
04: Make It Darker (4:45)
05: Blood Train (6:46)


All material written and produced by Aaron King
Mastering by Rainy Days Studio
Executive Producer: Nathan Schwartz
Album Art:
Editing/Layout: Evelon

FLAC Download:

Creative Commons License